Like my husband I too come from a large farm family of 11 outside of Hampton, MN.  In a big family we all had to do our part - I had jobs to do from the time I can remember.  My favorite job was milking our Jersey cow Anne.  I went to Inver Hills Community College after high school  & worked for the State of Minnesota the next 10 years in the health care field.

I met Pete in 1997 & we were married summer of 1998.  I was still working full time and helped Pete with paying distributors, tax forms, typing proposals, etc. in the  evening/weekends.  A few years went by and our business & family grew.  In 2003 I made the decision to stay home with our children & and help Pete full time with the family business which has been rewarding in many ways.  In recent years with technology I now design homes helping customers choose colors/layouts showing them how it would look on their home.  This is something that is very fun for me.

I thank God for our 8 children we have been blessed with & enjoy family time with them.  I also enjoy our animals/farm, gardening & reading.

Joyce Schaffer