Soffits & Facia

Our soffit, fascia and guttering products were designed to work as a complete protection and beautification system, preserving the long term value of your home. The result is an energy efficient, maintenance free alternative to traditional materials which require continual repainting and eventual replacement. Your home will look great and you will feel the difference, permanently. Our talented team of engineers have researched the effects of long term exposure to temperature extremes, moisture and air pollutants. Their studies confirm the need for a means to control moisture and rotting problems inherent in eave and overhang design, while at the same time offering proper temperature balance and energy performance.

The facts collected from these studies, as well as our more than five decades of experience in the design and manufacturing of exterior building products, formulated the specifications for the corrosion resistant materials. They have been specifically finished to resist the weathering and abrasion characteristics of harsh northern winters, and the damaging effects of hot summer climates. Our unique center vent soffit panels help to control energy costs by lowering the interior attic temperature of a building during the summer and controlling familiar ice dam buildup on roofing during the winter.